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Edgewater Garage Door Springs is the best darn spring replacement company in Colorado, so why would you go anywhere else? When you call Edgewater, we send you a technician who specializes in garage door springs, loaded for bear with every imaginable spring, cable, pulley and bracket you would ever need for on-the-spot repairs. When you cam Edgewater Garage Door Springs, you never have to wait for service, and you never have to wait for parts.

Garage Door Spring Repair Edgewater COIn business since 1993, Edgewater Garage Door Springs has swapped out more garage door springs than any other repair company in the state of Colorado, mainly because we’ve been open 24 hours a day since Day One, but also because we deliver extraordinary service at everyday prices.

Our Prices Are So Low, You’d Be Crazy To Do It Yourself

In days of yore, manly men replaced their own broken garage door springs. But they also cured ailments with blood-sucking leeches, and sat in the sun with tri-fold sun reflectors until they were crispy.

Just because you’ve done something really dangerous before is NO reason to try it again. Maybe you and your cousin Marvin were able to change a couple of springs in the 1990s with no bodily harm, but why push your luck? If one garage door spring repair doesn’t injure you, the next one will. Garage door springs harbor thousands of pounds of pressure. You don’t want to learn first-hand just how much pressure can explode in your garage.

Edgewater Garage Door Spring ReplacementsThe pros at Edgewater Garage Door Springs can tell you all about the DIY garage door repair horror stories…

Like the guy in Applewood who decided to videotape himself in the act of garage door replacement. It turned to be a horrible, horrible situation when the entire right side of the man’s body, and three of his four appendages, were sliced off in one fell swoop by a spring-loaded cable that was under tremendous pressure. It wasn’t a total loss, because his video proved to be invaluable as a Paramedic training film for severed limb cases. And our most experienced repairman Jackson recalls the time a Denver resident wedged the longest screwdriver in town between his springs and his cables. Can you guess what happened next?

Edgewater Garage Door Springs To The Rescue

We didn’t set out to be the best garage door spring replacement company in the region, it just turned out that way. Actually, we started Edgewater Garage Door Springs as a retail outlet serving the many garage door companies and building contractors. That was back in the day, when garage door springs were sold everywhere. Unfortunately, these springs were also injuring, maiming and killing do-it-yourselfers everywhere.

The experts at Edgewater Garage Door Springs stepped in to stop the insanity of garage door repair injury. Twenty-something years later, we’re still a family-owned and operated business, and we’re still the company that other garage door servicemen go to when they’re stumped.

Don’t get stumped by your garage door. Spring replacement is by far the most common garage door repair – and Edgewater Garage Door Springs is by far the most experienced company for spring repairs. Call today for an instant appointment!

Edgewater Garage Door Springs

Edgewater Garage Door Springs Satisfaction Guarantee

There are other garage door spring companies that will take your money and run. Edgewater Garage Door Springs is not one of them. We offer a satisfaction guarantee with all of our garage door spring repairs.

Edgewater Garage Door Springs

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